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How to surf the good and right for beginners

How to surf the good and right for beginners

Seeing a surfer can wriggle dancing on the waves and then stand on a surf board it feels great. But indeed, surfing sports is not as easy as it seems. To be able to surf the waves well, we can learn the skills and techniques in various surf schools that are available on various beaches. Find qualified instructors, prioritizing safety and patience. We ourselves must also prepare strength, not only muscle but also mentally.

Can swim

To learn to surf, the main thing is Friend Enchantment must be able to swim, because most of this sporting activity is to paddle (swim) on the board to look for waves, rather than riding waves. Before paddling the surfboard to the free sea, it's good for you, Friend Charm to try on a safe beach first, Kuta beach for example.

Do Heating

This is one of the important movements in every before doing any sport including surfing. Warming will make the body muscles weak so as to avoid the occurrence of cramps especially the legs and arms

Muscle and Mental Strength

For surfing, surfers must paddle to the point of starting to ride the waves. Pedaling is one of the keys to surfing, and requires muscle and mental strength, to fight waves and exert strength when rowing. Sculling the surfboard requires arm strength to move against the ombat with the chest raised. Close the fingers tightly, move firmly, but be patient, no need to rush and never give up.

Duck Diving

Duck Diving or duck style is a technique to allow it to pass through the waves when pedaling out, with the aim of avoiding losing stamina because it is constantly hit by waves. This technique, not only requires stamina, but also concentration. Don't panic, stay focused on the waves and position the body on the board.

Stand - Stand Up

Standing on a surfboard is indeed not easy. Stand on a surfboard that moves on the waves and whirlpools. Stay calm, look forward and maintain balance. When you are on a surf board, do not stand too straight because it will turn upside down. Practice the techniques taught by surf instructors on land before sliding into the water.

Do not panic

When you fall into the water while surfing, try not to panic, because panic in the water will only make things worse. When it falls, the first thing to do is to reach the rope that is joined to the board, this rope is usually placed on the foot. By pulling the rope, the board will approach Friend Charm and try to rise to the board slowly.

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