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Surfing recommendations at Tanjung Lesung Indonesia

 Surfing recommendations at Tanjung Lesung Indonesia
If before visiting Banten you chose Anyer Beach or Carita Beach so this time why didn't you visit Tanjung Lesung Beach. Here the view of the beach is no less stunning with sea water like a broad lake and the hills are not so steep.

The name 'tanjung lesung' according to local people comes from the naming of its beach location in the form of land protruding into the sea like the tip of a mortar, which is a traditional tool for pounding rice. This beach covers an area of ​​approximately 1,500 hectares and was officially opened to the public since January 1998. Now the Tanjung Lesung Beach is a Tourism Special Economic Zone (KEK) in Banten Province.

When you are on this beach you will feel like you are in Bali because the beaches are indeed similar to the Island of the Gods. The sloping sand stretch of the beach reaches 15 kilometers gives enough space for visitors to do various fun activities, ranging from playing sand, sunbathing, or exercising.

In addition to the beaches that are still clean and natural, Tanjung Lesung Beach also offers white sand like a rug. Walking on it accompanied by a gentle breeze is a pleasure in itself. The waves are not too big so it allows you to swim, play jetski, snorkel, ride a boat, or fish.

Tanjung Lesung Beach area is perfect for couples who want to honeymoon. The atmosphere is calm with a romantic bandage scenery. Walking on the beach in the afternoon with your partner holding hands and listening to the waves will be very beautiful and memorable and romantic memories.

Tanjung Lesung Beach is also suitable for family tourism. You can invite family members to travel on this beach. Your child will love to swim and play sand on the beach while you capture the moment with the camera.

For nature lovers, you can enjoy the biological richness and natural charm of this underwater beach. Diving is an opportunity to watch the beauty of coral reefs, jellyfish, small snails that look shyly hiding behind coral reefs, as well as various types of fish that play chase and occasionally come over. You can also learn how to transplant coral reefs in a conservation location in the middle of the ocean.

Facilities available at this beach include: information center, lifeguard, money changer, parking area, banana boat, glass bottom boat, snorkeling, sea kayaking, mini golf, pool, fishing pool, park, shelter, children playing area, etc. .

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