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Best Resorts in Bali Cheap and delicious

the best restaurant in Bali
For those of you who have been to Bali often, you must already know, yes, the Nusa Dua area is a lot of cool hotels. Call it the Ritz Carltron and Karma Kandara who fall into the category of luxury hotels. However, I don't want to talk about these hotels, you know, but one of the culinary delights in the Nusa Dua area that I found and tastes really good.

Actually, the area that is being hit is the area of ​​Seminyak and Canggu. These two areas become places to hang out for young people and tourists. In addition, here are also many easy, tasty and halal foods.

Well, because I happen to stay overnight in the Nusa Dua area, so I want to find food in this area. Had doubts because Nusa Dua is a quiet area. Eits, but it turns out here also has, you know, delicious food. As I want to tell now, namely Bu Oki Chicken Rice.

Although the title is "chicken rice", it does not mean that the contents of this dish are only rice and fried chicken, yes. I ordered a portion of spicy chicken rice, so that it can increase my appetite. Apparently, when the food gets to the table, the side dishes are very complete. The portions are also very large. Suitable for friends who are hungry and want to eat heavy after playing all day.

Honestly, for one serving size, rice is given a lot. There are shredded chicken, wet chicken, dry chicken, serundeng, chicken satay, chicken egg and vegetables. Super complete, right? And delicious, you can also choose the level of spicy chicken, ranging from spicy chicken rice, medium, or not spicy according to taste.

And for a large portion with such good taste, we only need to pay Rp 25 thousand to 35 thousand! For friends, charms that can't eat a lot, in my opinion, one portion can be for him. So save more! Well, it turns out that Bu Oki Rice Stalls can also be ordered by online motorcycle taxi services to hotels in Nusa Dua. So, you can order to eat at the hotel if you are lazy to go out.

Bu Oki's rice stalls are ready to accompany you, friend, from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Open from 8 AM and close at 9 PM. So, my advice is to come before 9 o'clock, so you don't run out. Wow, sharing stories to my friend Charm, I so want Bu Oki Chicken Rice again.

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