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How to improve relationships with girlfriends

How to improve relationships with girlfriends

1. Don't be forced

When you want to start apologizing, don't feel we are forced to do it. There is nothing wrong with apologizing first because this opens the race. Even though you don't feel wrong it doesn't mean you shouldn't apologize first. Anyone who later apologizes first shows his sincerity that he did it sincerely. Conversely, if you forcefully apologize, the problem will not be resolved.

2. Know the cause

Try to think back to what made you and your girlfriend fight. It could be the source of the problem yourself. Therefore, do not be proud to admit that you caused the fight to occur. So with your boyfriend, if he feels that he is the cause of the fight, he should be aware of it and not repeat it.

3. Don't provoke debate

Different opinions are natural. However, the difference of opinion should not always end up being a debate. Remember! Try to sort out which problems are really important and which are not. If you already know this, then there is no more unnecessary debate.

4. If there is more debate, try to see it from his perspective

When the debate returns, try to position yourself from the perspective of your boyfriend. This method is effective for not repeating a fight that previously happened. By looking at your boyfriend's perspective, you will understand his thinking patterns. After that, return to yourself whether you will stay with your opinion or will follow your girlfriend's opinion.

5. Give a hug

When there is a fight, we usually do not want to touch physically with the person before us. This is a way to get rid of irritation and anger. In addition, hugs can also make someone more calm. Moreover, the hug was obtained from a loved one. Therefore, when a fight occurs, you should not be stingy to give a warm hug.

6. Give a sign to stop the fight

This is important for you and your boyfriend to know. When you have another fight, you or your boyfriend can immediately stop it by giving a sign. The sign is one way to control yourself. The method can be with certain sentences or body language agreed upon by you. That way, your emotions can be muted.

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